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WatchesTips.com is a blog exclusively about watches and watch repairs. We cover several topics on watches, from watch reviews to watch repair tips. WatchesTips allures many watchmakers and watch enthusiasts, or even simple people who merely need an information about their watches or a watch they want to buy.

WatchesTips is owned, run and maintained by Ibn Omar, a watch enthusiast and expert from Mauritius. He got most of his know how in watches from his father, who is an old-timer watch-maker, as well as a seller of various brands of watches. Since he was a child, Ibn Omar used to visit his father’s work/retail shop to help him and became interested in timepieces. The first watch movement he ever opened and learned how to fix was a Miyota 2035 when he was around 10 years old. Now 26 years old, Ibn Omar has become a connoisseur in watches and works with his father. Ibn Omar has repaired, replaced bands and batteries in thousands of watches of several brands, most of which are Japanese make namely Seiko, Citizen, Casio, Q&Q and others. He has also fixed several movement types from quartz to automatic movements.

His father’s shop and service is very popular in his locality and is trusted by a large number of local and international clients. Here, on Watches Tips, he shares with you his expertise so that you can make the most of your favorite watches.

In 2012, Ibn Omar obtained his diploma in Web Development from the University of Mauritius. But instead of working as a Web Developer, he has preferred to combine his knowledge in web development together with his expertise in watches, and started this website to make a living.

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