AliExpress Shipping Cost Mistake To Avoid

It is no more a secret that Aliexpress is one of the most popular online shopping and easiest to use website. It has gain popularity due to the number of products that can be bought at wholesale prices online. Today i will relate to you a problem that I have encountered with Aliexpress shipping methods.

To most of you after reading this you’ll find that it was my fault in a way because i have not re-check my shopping cart well before clicking on the buy now button. What Happened? Well I’ve paid $80.67 shipping cost (UPS Expedited) ACCIDENTALLY for 16 pieces of a product which costs $18.92.

In the first place the product indicate free shipping clearly. Then I’ve clicked the + button to increase quantity to 16 and I have not noticed that the shipping cost has changed but have added the products to my shopping cart and closed the page. I usually add many products to my shopping cart and then pay for all of them at the same time. Well this was a big mistake. I had over 20 products in my shopping cart on that day and didn’t took the time to recheck all the products and their amounts and shipping. I had paid for all at once. This is a cool option though but can be tricky especially when you’re buying several pieces of the same product along with other products. I have bought for about $300 that day.

shipping cost

This is a screenshot of the order details which I came to know after I have received the products. To my surprise UPS called me and told me that they have something to deliver to me, I gave them my exact location and they delivered the parcel. I was astonished to receive the products so soon, so I went on AliExpress to thank the seller, which I did, but then when I noticed the shipping i went crazy. Was it my fault or that of AliExpress? Did the change occur in the shopping cart? I contacted the seller and innocently told me that he received my order like that and processed it.

I have even opened a dispute then came to an agreement with the seller as he had understand my situation. I asked him how much he paid UPS and he told me $59.

So, I asked him to refund me the $21 but we then agreed that he send me $21 of products. Well better than nothing.

The AliExpress Shipping Cost Mistake To Avoid

Most people on Aliexpress will select the free shipping option box to browse throughout products for which there is no shipping cost. I am no different. However when you’re on a product page on AliExpress, usually the seller will set a number of pieces for which he will give you free shipping and if you select more than this number, a shipping cost will automatically be set or it may say “cannot deliver” or the seller may set a number a pieces which you cannot exceed at all.

In the first scenario, if you increase quantity you may incur an extra shipping cost as what happened to me and I didn’t notice.

For example this watch price is $2.89 for 1 piece.


but if you increase the quantity to just 2, you see that it is no more free shipping.


So this is something you should check and verify well if you are planning to get free shipping while buying many pieces.


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