Amazing Watch Repair Tool Kit With Manual

Almost every man wears a watch, but a few would venture replacing its batteries. Moreover, opening the back cover requires some guts. What everyone overlooks is the simplicity, which repairs a watch.

We took some time off to analyze a few watch repair tool kits. Considering price against the functionalities, this particular kit won the race.

watch repair tool

While most other companies provide just the kits, EZTool comes in with a 41-page fully colored user manual. Just the thing for beginners! The manual covers all the way from making complicated repairs to simple tasks like changing the band. It takes extra effort to add visual guides for battery replacement; strap sizing and link removing; and of course back case opening. It’s like having a watch repair shop crammed up in a single pack.

Even a complete novice can act like a professional watch repairperson when this watch repair tool kit comes handy. And every time you repair a watch or any other jewelry, you are saving some money! Oversized watches are no longer a headache. The link removal tool can clasp straps as wide as 29mm. Exceptionally longer straps can also be handled effortlessly with hammer and pin punches. Cases up to 58mm gracefully open up with its XL Case Wrench. This tool opens up almost all watch types—flawless and immaculate! This pack is renowned for its heavy-duty pieces. Snapped it a little hard accidentally-no issues; no worries!

EZTool encloses a spring bar and link removal tool (with three spares), hammer, antimagnetic tweezers, case-opening pry, needle nose pliers and watch band holder. Multiple numbers of Philips and Flathead screwdrivers and case wrench are also available. Most importantly, this Watch Repair Tool Kit comes with a know-how.

With counterfeits flooding the market, EZTool combats imitations by taking new initiatives. The package incorporates three Pin Punches and Flathead Screwdrivers and Link Removal Tools. It also houses two Phillips screwdrivers. The different sized tools can service an amazingly wide range of watches.

Moreover, Amazon offers a 60-day guarantee for the product for customer satisfaction. Also the included manual and their customer care together make watch repairing an effortless and fun job. At $25, this pack is one of the best deals compared to other available tool kits around the same range. This 1 pound, 10X 6.5 inches box makes life easy for self repairs. Not just watches, it becomes handy for fixing other jewelries as well.

Today, e-waste or electronic waste is one of the fastest growing concern in waste disposal. Every year, some 20-50M metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide. Even the seabeds are now contaminated. It’s huge! It’s devastating! Hence, when we repair and re-use a watch—we say we have done something for Mother Nature. We, at WatchesTips contribute through repairing old watches before throwing them out and away. And We keep exploring what serves us best in doing so.

Watches are timeless. And what repairs a watch returns a lot more value than what it costs. Sometimes, more than the watch itself!

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