Apple Watch vs Wear OS – Which to Wear?

Apple Watch vs Wear OS? As the smartphones’ supremacy continue to wage war, the next in list are probably the smartwatches. Wearable technology keeps soaring with just two operating systems in market. Apple watches and Google’s Wear OS involve in an interesting fight for functionalities and popularity.

Apple Watch vs Wear Os
Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch Vs Ticwatch 2 Active 42mm Ultra Light Wear OS

Like traditional timepieces, a smartwatch is worn on wrist. However, the inside of a smartwatch is packed with technology. From answering calls to fitness trackers to heart rate monitoring, a smartwatch is a mini mobile device with a touchscreen(LCD, OLED or Hologram). They have a range of functionalities depending on loaded apps. Some common functionalities include pedometer, heart rate monitor, compass, radio, altimeter, barometer, GPS, accelerometer, thermometer and certain smartphone-like functions. Almost all support bluetooth, WiFi and/or GPS connectivity.

Even a few years back, smartwatches were standalone products. But now, tech giants like Google team up with smartwatch manufacturers providing their Operating System(OS). Apple is still on its own, producing the hardware and loading them up with their self-produced OS. They market the best smartwatches and get into tight competition with all others.

Why Apple Watch vs Wear OS? Simple! Because Apple  watches cling to their iphones for connectivity. On the other hand, all other manufacturers load Google’s Wear OS. Wear OS can connect to both iOS and android. Well, Wear OS was previously called Android watches. On March 15, 2018 Google changed the name, saying: “We’re now Wear OS by Google, a wearables operating system for everyone“. They further added, “We’re announcing a new name that better reflects our technology, vision, and most important of all—the people who wear our watches.”

Big watch manufacturers like Huawei, Michael Kors, Boss, Movado, Guess, Fossil, Tag Heuer, Tommy hilfiger, etc are coming under Wear OS branding. Rumors also say Google will soon market a new flagship devise.  Some of the many benefits include their weather update, the train schedule and making Google Assistant do the work.

Apple Watch vs Wear OS

Looking at the specs, both watches have touch screen and a digital crown (manufacturer decides the design though). After getting it from Google play or Apple Store, Google Assistant and Siri give the voice control in respective cases. Google Fit and Apple Health are the health options available for each. Apple has its defined fitness options and for Wear OS, these functionalities more-or-less depend on the manufacturer. Wear OS is compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS 9+. Apple aims to control the luxury market, Wear OS offers a wider spectrum.

Wear Os comes in both circular and rectangular shapes; so does Apple. The Cut-off text problems in circular faces have been carefully healed. While Apple prefers vibrant youthful colors, Wear OS’s design depends on the manufacturer. Even classic faces with solid crown are obtainable. Only Apple offers the digital crown which becomes handy during navigation and zooming.

Battery life is a key factor where both fail miserably. Most require daily charging and a few best pieces can retain for 2-3 days. However, with rapid progress in nanotechnology, this too shall pass!

But to point a steady finger towards one is complicated. Each has its favours and flaws. But one witty  solution can be—go for the one that is rocking in your smartphone- Wear Os for Android users and Apple Watches for iPhone users. Funny, but it never failed!

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