Baselworld 2018 – Where, What, When and Why?

Baselworld 2018- Baselworld is the world’s largest show of watches, jewelries and gems.

baselworld 2018
Basel, a northwestern city of Switzerland hosts this show each spring and invites brands to exhibit their products.

Like Paris Fashion Week is to the designers, this show bears a similar solid space in the hearts of watch connoisseurs and jewelry collectors. Many brands wait up to this spring to launch their new collections. This show dates back to 1917 when the Swiss organizers invited some watch manufacturers. Soon they realized the worth of such show as it boomed rapidly.

Ever since, the show did not have to look back. It grew in size and popularity. Often, it’s big enough to occupy 1.5M sq. ft. to house 1000+ companies under one roof. When some 20k workers shed their sweat for 6-7 weeks just to set up the place–well, you can imagine!

Luxury watch industries like Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Chopard showcase their new products. Their expensive dazzling pieces shine beneath protective glass boxes. Visitors can sneak peak the products, assume the trend, report the trend and talk. The talking includes B2B, B2C, and placing orders. The masterpieces can only be touched with prior notice and arrangement under tight security.

The show is open for all. Journalists, fashion writers, watch collectors–all put it in their bucket list. Big companies, big people, big launches, big announcements, even big surprises can happen any time. Everything is news there during the show days.

This year the Baselworld ran for 22-27th March. 600-700 companies attended this year; this is less than half of what attended in 2015. Around 7000 trucks loaded with materials were pulled down to be set up. The show usually sees 100,000 guests and 3000+ journalists each year. Giant watch companies like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer exhibited their new wonders. Luxury fashion houses like Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior also stood bold and beautifully. The bigger the brand, the larger the space they occupy. Some companies even install multi-storey stalls for showcasing. Comparatively newer and smaller companies occupy less. Though the big companies are always the center of attraction, Baselworld always encourages newcomers. Some brands also make it a point to start their journey from this show by launching there. Watch connoisseurs love to pay a visit and see it for themselves what’s trending. Some badly regret a hands-on experience—they  miss the real feel.

Like always, this year they also had a star-of-the show. Rolex GMT Pepsi Steel was featured this year. The name created a stir. Its sister brand Tudor brought ‘Black Bay 58’ at $3,500 was talk-of-the-town too. Omega paid tribute to their 1957 Seamaster, Speedmaster and Railmaster in their modern designs. Seiko revealed three limited editions ranging from $53k to $6.3k. The rainbow Daytona, another watch from Rolex is a unisex loud bezel masterpiece to die for.

Like Citizen, we also love to say “We celebrate Time”. And time is best celebrated through a perfect watch. Though the word perfection can draw thin lines within a wide spectrum, it never fails to please a particular taste. Baselworld is that ‘Olympic’ of watches where every single watch is a silent winner!

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