Cartier Watch Model 2442 18K Yellow Gold

Hi everyone, after taking a long break I am now putting myself into work, well I was already working but off the internet and now I am back online and will post regularly on what I’ve been doing lately.

To begin, let’s look at a Cartier watch model 2442 which a guy gave me to replace it’s battery. It was last year when this guy came to my workshop and told me that he need to replace the battery of his watch. “Of course” I’ve replied as this is what we do. The guy gave me a Cartier watch model 2442 and i was like “wow, this is a great watch that you’ve got”. He said “yeah”, and he was an average guy and doesn’t seem to know its value. I asked him “is it yours”, and he replied “yes but i didn’t bought it, i work in a hotel and someone left it there”. I won’t know if he was talking the truth or was lying but I’ve replaced the battery and then told him about its value and he was amazed.

Some pictures of the watch:
cartier 2442


Cartier Watch Model 2442

Louis Cartier created the Tank watch in 1917. A legend was born. The first prototype was presented as a gift to General Pershing some years before the watch was introduced into the market in 1919. The lugs blend seamlessly into the bare edges of the flat vertical brancards, giving the watch its unique aesthetic. The clean, crisp lines have proved hugely popular with a free-spirited, elegant clientèle. The now-iconic Tank watch has inspired countless variations, yet managed to preserve its distinctive identity.

A fine watch like the Cartier watch model 2442 18K Gold is around $5000 and I have myself never seen one before that time. It’s a unique and individual timepiece for those who value style and performance.

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