Casio SGW200 Calorie Meter Watch And Its Band

The Casio SGW200 is a great watch designed for runners to support their daily routines. The watch features world time, stopwatch, timer, alarm, an acceleration sensor that uses step count to measure running distances, the amount of calories burned and a 150-record lap memory.

casio sgw200

The watch band connects to the watch case by a metal lug together with a spring bar at its back since the watch case doesn’t contain a lug by itself.

lug back


This kind of watch band is difficult to get at your local watchmaker shop once it is worn out. However you can get the replacement band for the Casio sgw200 online or by contacting an agency of Casio in your area.


Casio SGW200 Watch Band

Replacing band of Casio SGW200 by another band

Since this kind of replacement band is difficult to get, you can replace it by a normal rubber band with some modification to it. What follows is an example of a band I have modified to make it fit the Casio sgw200 perfectly.  We will need to cut part of the band to make it match the watch case. This is my band before modification:

rubber band

Then we will measure in millimeters the size of the watch case where we will link the band and draw the part which we will cut on the band. Then cut and remove where you have drawn from the band. The result shall be like in the image below:

modified band

We will do the same thing from both band of each side. Then we are ready to linked the band to the watch.The result will be as follows:

casio sgw200

casio sgw200 band

In this situation the metal lug at the back has cover any defects from the cutting of the band at the back and from the front we can see that the design of the watch case covers the cutting.

So, wait no longer to replace your watch band if you can’t get the original replacement band on the spot. Sometimes many of my clients prefer to replace their watch bands by an alternative band because the cost of an original band sometimes are nearly the cost of the watch itself.

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