Buying Cheap China Watches On Ebay Or Elsewhere

It is not new to most of us that today watches are no more a luxury, anyone can buy cheap china watches based on their budget even if it is $1. For those who don’t know it yet or haven’t seen it, just go on eBay and type “watches”, then go to “Buy it Now” tab and then sort the result by “Price + Shipping lowest first”. You will find watches starting from $1 or even under and the price goes up with any value added.


These cheap china watches have free shipping too as in china postal charge is very cheap and these sellers do make profits out of these sales. You can get a beautiful watch under $3.

What is the quality of these cheap China watches?

Of course they are as cheap as the price, so don’t expect to get a high quality waterproof watch for $1 – 3. Their cases are made of low quality alloy and hence if someone would wear such a watch everyday, then the case of the watch would start to deteriorate within a couple of month and may change color especially if the person would sweat a lot.

The band of these cheap china watches are made of faux leather and are not strong at all. Again these bands may worn out in a couple of month if wear everyday.

In most of these watches you may find either the PE11 or SL68 or AD988 movement which are produced by Sunon International Group Limited.

chinese movement

Well at least in standard watches, as in watches with dates or other function then you will find other movements mostly from Sunon itself.

Personally I sell these watches in my shop too (yes there are clients for them), and I had good experience with the SL68 movement. I even got a client who still have his watch with SL68 movement and its now over 5 years.

Are these China watches worth buying?

This is question of choice. From the above you may say that it is not worth buying but let’s discuss that. For example with a budget of $50 you may buy a decent waterproof watch but you may also get 10 cheap china watches of $5 each and of different colors and models. So if you’re a person who like to wear a watch which has the same color of your clothes then you might want to buy different colors and models of watches. And at this low price you can give them as gifts to your family members, friends etc..

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