Citizen Automatic Chronograph GN-4-S 67-9119 Vintage

A client brought a Citizen Automatic Chronograph GN-4-S 67-9119 watch to me, he said he got it since 1979 and still working fine. He never did a servicing in it too. But in the course of time the paint from the hour and minute hands faded and became black and the watch face is black too and hence is not very visible to tell the time. My job was to paint the hands in question white so that they are visible again.

I got to explore the watch a bit and saw that this watch was a great product from Citizen and it is sad that they have stopped making such watches.

citizen automatic chronograph

For a 37 year old watch, the overall condition is still good except that the hands are not very visible and the movement is still clean and working. The bracelet can be replaced by a Nato strap or leather band that suits your need.

citizen chronogrpah movement

This is a 23 Jewels 8110A Citizen japan Movement which is still working. What is also interesting in this model and design is the way the bezel rotates. Notice the additional crown on the top left of the watch case, it is used to rotate the bezel as the bezel is an inner one found under the crystal. The crown is linked to the bezel directly by a wheel as shown in image below.



Nowadays Citizen automatic chronograph watches are very rare, they have replaced this line with the eco-drive line which is a kind of automatic recharging too, because it recharges itself by the way of light. This new eco-drive concept is great but an automatic mechanical watch stays a classic in the heart of watch lovers. Well, those who still have an automatic Citizen chronograph watch which is still working should make sure not to break it, because new ones are not available today. If you want one like that to add to your collection, check on eBay, I’ve seen such vintage watches under $500.

If you own such vintage watches, share with us in the comment section.

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