Consider the watch band before buying a watch

Without a strap or band, you can’t wear your wrist watch however beautiful and expensive it is. Some designs of watches are very beautiful and attractive but many of them once the watch band is worn out. You might not get a replacement band for it directly from your local watchmaker shop. Sometimes you won’t get it at any watchmaker shop and you’ll have to contact the manufacturer and then import it. Unless there is a local store for the brand of your watch in your area. So, this is a very disadvantageous especially if you can’t stay without your watch on your wrist.

Today a client came to me, and asked me to change his watch band. I said to him that I don’t have the exact replacement of the watch band but I can get him a band that will mount onto the watch case, however it won’t match the look of the watch case. I wasn’t able to take a photo of that watch but I’ll show you one which model’s is somehow similar.

It was not an expensive watch though. But because he wasn’t able to get the watch band, he bought a new watch from me and on that i was lucky to make a sale. However, what is the fate of the other watch? That person won’t be able to use it anymore apart from placing it somewhere he can see the time the watch displays.

the watch band


You see the yellow design from the watch case and the watch band, they match each other. But unfortunately we can’t find a replacement band for this watch. Hence, the main issue is the way the watch band connects to the watch case. It doesn’t matter if it is a metal, leather or rubber band, if the watch case and the watch band design goes together, you might find it difficult to get a replacement band. Once, I even sent a client  to a shoemaker, so that the latter could fabricate a band for the client with the different types of leather he has but the final results wasn’t satisfying for me.

How the watch band should be

The idea is that you get a replacement band for your watch easily when the watch band is worn out. Consider this type of watch case in the image below, it has a lug, and straps that goes into a lug are widely available.

watch lug

In this type of watch case you can put in any type of band whether metal, rubber, nylon or leather. The only thing to consider then is the size in millimeters of the width of the lug.

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