Fastrack Analog Red: Go Undaunted with this In-Vogue Women’s Watch

As a woman, I love to accessorize in any of the two C’s. C for a classy ‘Celebrity’ look and C for an intrepid ‘Casual’ look! While I may want to look best in my celebrity look, my subconscious mind would always roll out to the snug casual. With ‘snug’ uttered, I think this low priced red straps from Fastrack are unbeatable.

Coupled with what I said, here goes Jeannette Walls, author of the bestseller book ‘The Glass Castle’:

“I had always wanted a watch. Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet. That was the kind of person I wanted to be.”

Personally, I also wanted to be a similar person—versatile, perfectionist but prompt! When it comes to a blend of these, one thing is a must-have. A watch! Yes, a watch can truly make you punctual even in this era of smart phones.

In fact, this red chick model 6078 from Fastrack’s analog monochrome collection is equally stylish and sporty. The round, rich-scarlet dial displays easy time reading. The heavy-duty mineral glass sits between two matt-polished matching red straps—making an irresistible fashion statement. Encased in a 34 mm stationary bezel with white hour markers, the dial stands out bold and beautifully. On either side, the lugs are open and universal—this allows sweat and accidental spills to leak away. The 200g watch ends in a steel buckle up clasp.

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Moreover, the watch can withstand 30 meters of water pressure. Coming from the house of Titan, Fastrack watches are well known for their heavy-duty performance and durability. The brass dial, mineral glass and the stainless steel back resist small-to-medium impacts. The leather straps, on the other hand, won’t just lose its color or peel off.

Call it casual or not, I have worn it to all places from serious official meetings to fish markets. And it never lost its appeal. Trust me, I never felt uncomfortable. It is this what makes it a must-have in your daily wardrobe. The color goes equally good with red, grey, black-and-white, pink to shades-of-maroon, even blue (a bit royal, huh?).  The matt leather straps can be combined with beaded jewelry or 3-4 bracelets (at a time). Wear a full black and combine it with this watch—your fashion statement will be marked.

fastrack analog women watch

Being born as a sub brand of Titan, Fastrack paved its way independently from 2005. Their watches were youth inspired—urban youth to be precise. Keeping the quality of Titan and featuring unique contemporary designs at low prices, Fastrack quickly won hearts. They then extended to other accessories targeting the same group.

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No matter how weird it sounds, a wristwatch worn for time reading or for fashion really does stand out, as I said earlier, in this Smartphone-crazy world. While most show off their Smartphones, a timepiece itself is a spectacular show. This contemporary, mind-boggling timepiece comes home at less than $50—too much goodness for the price! While this may slightly slack your ‘Celebrity’ look, it certainly will revamp your casual appearance.

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