G-Shock Tough Solar Atomic GW2310-1 Sport Watch Hands On

Casio’s G-Shock Tough Solar GW2310-1 explored and re-evaluated

I went mumbling the long lost ‘’When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” lyric as I sneak-peeked this G-shock from Casio. Nothing explains it better!

G-Shock Tough Solar

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Based on 2001’s popular G-Shock Tough Solar model, the Casio G-Shock GW2310-1 is a renovation with added functionalities and enhanced battery. Plus it’s tough –makes sense why its so popular since 2001. The shock resistant 200m watch resonates the term ’tough’; and its classic utilitarian model further boosts it.  The solar rechargeable battery never halts an adventure. Its automatic EL backlight flickers on with each wrist movement, glowing further on.

G-shock is that line of Casio watches which withstands mechanical shock and vibration. G-shock stands for Gravitational shock. It is best for China, Japan, Germany, UK and US where the watch can calibrate itself using radio signals. Not all watches would give you a 31-time zones (covering 48 cities), city code displays and 4 alarms. Zooming in, it also features 1-second countdown timer, and modes like elapsed, split, and 1st –and -2nd-place times. Many love the hourly beeps, full auto calendar and the 12-24 hour clocks. 1/100 stopwatch plays an added advantage for professional bikers, swimmers and athletes.

Moreover, its button operated On Off sells itself as more than a watch. The 10-month battery life (without sunlight exposure) elevates its professionalism to the next level. A direct sunlight exposure for as short as 5 minutes, can power it up. It requires varying charging lengths for indoor lights though. It’s 7.2-ounce oval resin case is safeguarded by mineral glass. The Japan Quartz movement displays digitally and provides up to +/- 15 seconds per month accuracy. Who, these days cares about accuracy? But Casio does, as do many watch enthusiasts. Another reason why people run after authentic watches even though they are pricey.

Robust it is! The stationary bezel is stainless steel resting on a 46.4mm wide (diameter) and 15.6mm thick case. It incorporates four modes with push-down crowns for MODE, ADJUST, REVERSE and FORWARD. The dial houses sub-divided windows for day, date and month display. It also features a classic style charge indicator, with high, med and low. The men’s standard resin band buckles at the back with steel clasp. In fact, the design bears an intense masculine touch. When asked, a scuba diver smiled and reported, “This watch is better than a thousand dollar watch, its unbelievably heavy duty!”

Casio, starting in 1946 is one of the most reliable companies for consumer electronics and when they make watches, its one of a kind. Their timepieces are either packed with specks, or beam out style while keeping one thing constant—robustness! And this whole package of robust awesomeness comes in below $80 at Amazon while the manufacturer sells it at around $130.

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A fancy watch, it’s completely unnecessary. I just need a watch to tell the right time.”– goes Judd Nelson, the American actor. And nothing can beat this when you judge a watch by what it does; or more precisely, what it returns!

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