Skagen Falster 2 Smart Watch Review

skagen falster 2When minimalist meets style, its called Skagen Falster 2. That minimalism too, comes with GPS, NFC, heart rate monitor and a cool magnetic straps! This is by far, the prettiest smart watch trending now.

The stunning pictures of Skagen Falster 2 are going viral with its clean-cut design, simple lugs, thinner bezel and metal mesh design. The one with black leather straps, however has an equal appeal. It is the minimalism of skagen that screams throughout.  That does not compromise on its technology though. NFC Payments with Google Pay, Heart-Rate monitor and Activity Tracking from the Google Fit program—all made possible because of its software Wear OS by Google. When Google snugs with the trending (for two years now) Snapdragon 2100 chipsets, you can image the performances. The swim proof label takes it to the next level of health-tracking.

Being Fossil’s subsidiary, this Danish company had focused on design in their first Falster which was released early 2018. The sequel appearing in August is quite a surprise.  Nevertheless, that too, is mitigated through its tech build-up. The later version incorporates everything a smart watch wearer can ask for. The following columns sum up the wearable in a glance.



Health Tracking

Voice Command

Swim proof

Interchangeable Magnetic mesh(avoids buckles)


Minimalist design

Simple lugs

Customized dials

Smartphone notifications

Two new buttons


Chipset is dated

Poor battery life

Does not have the full activity tracking set up

Criticisms arose about the 1.2inch screen; but the 320X320 resolution makes it clear to read and navigate comfortably. The key navigation button sits in the place of a crown in analogue watches. Two other functionality buttons, just above and below, support app activity. They say the bezel is thick, but it’s definitely thinner than its ancestor. Simple lugs extending out to a sleek metal mesh makes it a perfect pair up for a sophisticated corporate look. Nevertheless, the black straps, again with their unique lug rolls that corporate look to a chic casual. No big fat buckles or clasps spoil the design as a magnetic closure adjusts itself comfortably.

Like most other smartwatches, Skagen suffers a technology that can keep charge for a longer time. We are yet to master that technology. But this version offers a 300mAh battery. Skagen says that it has a battery saving mode; just to read the time.

The Skagen falster 2 at $275-295, depending on the straps will be available tomorrow for shipping. The demo created quite a stir at the IFA this year. We are excited to see the unveiling of the real watch.

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