Top 10 Best Running Watches For Men under $300

Confused about which running watch best fits your needs and budget? We are here to help. Whether you are a first-timer runner, an adventurous explorer or a regular marathon candidate—the second most important tool, obviously after your shoes, is your running watch. It can season your skill, spot and tell your location, send a SOS, track your heart rate and many more.

Wearable technology is undergoing a fast evolution and today, our wrists are jam-packed with technology. Considering cost, availability and optimal tools for running; we have selected the top ten running watches to spice up running as a whole.

1. Suunto Ambit3 Vertical HR Monitor Running GPS Unit

Unlike many others, the Suunto Ambit3 built-in barometer will provide a precision altitude profile with real-time ascent gain. It can come with or without a heart rate monitor. It synchronizes easily with the user’s activities, connecting itself to the Smartphone first and then displaying calls and notifications. You can even add photos or make a movie—all while on the go. All these awesomeness come in at just below $300.

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2.Nike+ GPS Sportwatch

nike running watches
This white Turquoise sports gear from Nike+ features TomTom GPS for accurate speed and distance information. From measuring time, distance, speed to heart rate and BPM (Beats per minute)—it can also connect with friends. This watch weighs only 66.4 ounces and charges little under $300.

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3. Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR

The Polar A370 measures wrist-based heartbeat continuously and broadcasts it via assisted GPS (your phone’s). This is better off as a 24/7 smart assistance with improved sleep pattern analysis and third party compatibility. This compatibility helps to send, analyze and record your activity data to another service. The soft band (changeable) with secure buckle takes your experience of wearable technology to the next level. This 13.8 ounces Polar Plus gets a 4 of 5 rating on Amazon in comparison to its nearest competitors and hits the market at $178.00 – $257.40

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garmin running watches
This LCD screen Garmin Forerunner is lightweight (only 6.4 ounces) and scores high as a multisport training device. It tracks your time, distance, speed, elevation and heart rate whether you go swimming, cycling or running. Withstanding 50m of water pressure, it comes in with an extended 20 hours of battery life. The straps are 4.25” and 3.5” offer easy handling. This 4.3 of 5 rated watch costs below $200 for the base model and rises up to $250 for heart rate monitors.

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This Teal Polar M200 features optical heart rate monitor and comes in with integrated GPS. It specializes in tracking your activity and sleep patterns for 24/7. It offers excellent mobile connectivity with seamless communication via Bluetooth. This 5.9-ounce gadget presents a free running program and hits the market at around $150.

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6. Golife Smart Sports Watch

golife watch
This 9-ounce contemporary black sports watch from Golife specializes in multisport functioning with easy sync ability, smart notification and integrated GPS. This LCD screen sports gear automatically syncs itself to time zone and satellites to acquire speed, location and altitude. The built-in barometer, thermometer, compass makes it ideal for adventures. Its multimode offers easy access to hiking, biking, triathlon, swimming (50M waterproof), cycling and what not. The batteries last 11 hours to 18 days with GPS-enabled and non-GPS respectively. This $130 running, along with multisport and non-sportsmen gear offers a 1 year warranty.

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adidas running
When you are looking out for sports and fashion in the same bucket, spot this yellow straps from Addidas. The leading sports brand did not forget to instill a 100m waterproofing to their even a casual smart watch—I call this the go-pro approach of giant producers. The analog quartz movement of the digital display is protected with mineral glass. The plastic unidirectional Bezel displays steps, calories, distance, pace and log. Hence, it surely houses these functions. This extremely lightweight 4.54g version comes home below $120 and makes a perfect partner.

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garmin running watch
The Garmin Forerunner 15 is a runner’s solo partner. It shows time, date and calories; and beeps after recording miles. It has the added advantage of displaying an average speed at the end. The 1.2 pounds sits comfortably on your wrists and reminds you when to move. Depending on price, it comes with an optional heart rate monitor. You have five bezel and strap colors to chose from. This little-over-$100 fitness tracker is renowned for it easy accessibility and readability.

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tomtom runner
The black TomTom Runner tracks distance, time, speed and burned calories while on the go. It can access your location fast to sync with training programs of runners. The heart rate monitor can be paired to other special features via Bluetooth. This 1.8ounce, one-button controlled watch is a perfect friend to tracking your running, if not for swimming or cycling. It costs less than $100.

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This black silicon Timex Ironman is famous for its easy accessibility and quick GPS fix. This 1.8- ounce features training plans and super simple interface. The slim design comes home at around $100. The universal USB port and long GPS battery life makes a plus to the runners who want effortless access while on the go.

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The internet has everything and every reason to lead an ‘I-am-better-off-at-home’ type of life. And then, your health hacks your life, elevates your cholesterol and gives you a stir. Soon the doctor prescribes you to run —if this is not your story, I am afraid, its most of ours! Running requires a tool to track and the above mentioned watches help make your running an incredible journey.

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