Top 10 Watchmaking Book To Read

In this post we will arrange for you the top 10 watchmaking and watch repair book you should read. You want to learn watchmaking but you don’t know where to begin. Whether you want to become a professional or simply do it as a hobby, here is a list of top 10 books you must read:

1.WATCHMAKING by George Daniels.

This book by George Daniels is a masterpiece on the subject. It is an easy to read book even by beginners. It was written to inspire others to the world of watchmaking and we must say it was a success. This new edition contain a chapter on the author’s own watches and their mechanisms.

2. Beginner Watchmaking: How to Build Your Very First Watch by Tim A Swike
Beginner Watchmaking

This book is a great introduction understand how a watch work, build your first watch, assemble a watch, regulate the time and even repairing a watch.

3. Practical Watch Repairing by Donald de Carle
Practical Watch Repairing

This book is a must. It was written in 1946 by Donald de Carle with the goal to make watchmaking easier to understand. It contains over 550 illustrations to make you become a watch repair specialist.

4. The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches by Ryan Schmidt

This book is the bestseller of the moment. It provides the reader with references and around 470 colored illustrations. It shows you the mechanisms of over 90 popular watch brands.

5. The Magic of Watches: A Smart Introduction to Fine Watchmaking by Louis Nardin
magic of watches

Have you ever wonder why watches are so precious? A costly watch can be less precise than a cheap watch. This books will tell you how watches works and will help you make good choices.

6. Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair Hardcover by Mick Watters
mechanical watch repair

This book will help you repair both Mechanical and Quartz watches. The book features several movements that commonly used in a wide range of watches. It covers movements such as mechanical, automatics, chronographs and so on.

7. Fundamentals of Watchmaking – Elgin Watchmakers College Watch Repair Course by Mike Barnett
watch repair course

This is a special book used watchmaking colleges to teach watchmaking. It is more a practical book than theory. Any watchmaker whether professional or amateur would learn something new in it.

8. Complicated Watches and Their Repair by Donald de Carle

Mechanical watches with alarm, chronograph, calendar is no doubt more touch than mechanical watches with time only. This book helps you, the repairer, to easily dismantle and assemble such movements for repairs.

9. Watch Repairing as a Hobby: An Essential Guide for Non-Professionals by D W. Fletcher
 hobby watch repair

The author simply starts with the basics of how watches works, the tools required for repairs, cleaning, disassembling and assembling as well as a troubleshooting guide for ailments and their solutions.

10. Practical Watch Adjusting by Donald de Carle
watch adjusting

If you have other beginners books, then you must add this book to your collection for a next level. The instructions of this book will help you adjust any balance spring, pivots and so on which is sometimes very hard for beginners.

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