Top 5 Best Kids Smartwatch

With some research, survey and probing, our team at the WatchesTips have found the top 5 best kids smartwatch.

Nothing can pamper a parent-kid relationship like a gift. And when that gift comes from a well-thought, well-researched timepiece, kids know how much they are valued. A watch is a timeless gift and many kids keep it until they are grown up or even longer.

1. VTech Kidizoom Kids Smartwatch

ctech kidizoom
Pros: This touch screen watch does more than time telling. Perfect for the age 4-7, its 3.2MP camera helps take great photos and make videos. Its voice recorder can record and change the voice—kids love it endlessly. It incorporates 50 clock face designs, four built-in games (more games can be downloaded) and a USB port.

Cons: No tracking facility at $496.

Special Feature: Robust design, splash-proof, voice recorder and long battery life.

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2. Garmin Fenix 5S

kids smartwatch
Pros: This smart watch, costing $560 is a good choice for an active kid with enthusiasm for running, cycling, swimming, etc. It shows heartbeat, location, altimeter reading and notifications.

Cons: Nothing much other than the fact that it doesn’t employ the convenient micro USB for charging(like most others)

Special features: Its minimal design gives it a cool look with amazingly long lasting battery.

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3. Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch

Pros: This Apple watch echoes back in simple design yet comes packed with functionalities. It comes in with a compass, altimeter, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Activity Tracker, Heart Monitor, Microphone, Speaker, Light Sensor and Bluetooth.

Cons: Sometimes it has the problem of syncing to the new owner.

Special features: Comes in at $340 with a supplier warranty of 90 days. Also it is packed with amazing functions.

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4. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Pros: Your kids would simply love to accompany a calculator, alarm, stopwatch and calendar in a watch; and you love it when all that comes in at just $90. More than fifty clock faces add to the features as do the extensions like camera, extra memory, motion sensor and pedometer. The USB charging watch makes life easier.

Cons: There are very few cases of ‘not holding the charge’ after using it for a while.

Special features: The calculator and the camouflage green color are its best part.

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5. SEPVER Smart Watch SN05

kids smart watches
Pros: This red black watch Dialer, Messaging, Phonebook, Call logs, Remote notifier, Remote capture, File manager, Image viewer, Setting, Calendar, Alarm, Sound recorder, Bluetooth, Audio player, Profiles, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary reminder, Quick response, Anti lost.

Cons: Need to download a Funrun App in order to use Remote notifier, Remote capture and Anti lost.

Special features: It is compatible with All Android Smart phones, such as Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, SONY, Motorola, Nokia, SHARP, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo, ZTE and other Android phones and comes in at around $28 only.

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Unlike Toys, kids tend to keep a watch for a long time. Later in life, these become a souvenir, a piece of memory. And when a gift can stir so much memory, its better be well researched and well thought.

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