What Watch Should I Buy? Types of Watches

Do I just buy that beautiful watch I saw in that famous shop or online store? Or should I choose a watch that suits my needs? Do I buy an expensive watch or a cheap and affordable one? What watch should i buy? What types of watches are available? These are common questions that people try to find answers for.

So, if you are interested in buying a particular watch, you might want to consider the following before buying it:


Over a long time, watchmakers have worked hard to develop the way a watch works. And now, we have these types of movements as shown in the diagram below.

watch movement types

A movement is simply the “engine” that makes the watch hands move. Let us give a brief overview of each type of movement in the above diagram. Soon we will be explaining each type of movement in detail in another upcoming article.

Mechanical Movement
A mechanical movement is the type that has gears, balance wheels and springs. It doesn’t work with a battery but requires winding to work. This type of movement will spare you the pain of replacing a battery each year or so. The display of a mechanical movement is only of analog type (with hands).


A Manual mechanical movement is the type that you have to hand-wind every day in order for it to work. It is the oldest type of movement. As a result, If you don’t use it for some days, you’ll have to hand-wind it before you use it again and set the time and date again.

An automatic mechanical movement is one which winds itself by the movement of the wrist. So you don’t have to bear the pain of winding it every day. Therefore, if not worn for some days, it will stop functioning and will function again the next time you wear it and you will have to set the time and date again.

seiko automatic movement

Quartz movement
A quartz movement is the type which has a coil, circuit and which uses a battery to function and usually you will need to replace the battery each year unless the battery is longer lasting. Quartz movements are the most accurate. The display of a quartz movement can be either analog (have hands) or digital or both (Dual Time).

miyota 2035

The kinetic type of quartz watch, also known as autoquartz uses a rechargeable battery which stores energy obtained from the movement of the wrist. That’s mean you don’t have to change the battery.

kinetic watch movement

Now that you know how a watch works, it is up to you to choose a watch with the movement of your choice.


Thanks to the advances in technology, today we have a watch for every occasion. The most common function in an analog watch is the date or day and date and chronograph.

date function date and date function analog chronograph

However when it comes to chronograph, if you really need to use a chronograph, then a digital watch would be what you’re looking for. It is easier to use and more accurate to the milliseconds. Most people who have an analog chronograph watch, never use this function or don’t know how to use it.

digital chronograph

Other functions are also available such as, alarm, light, moon phase, wave, altitude etc.

Water resistance

In all cases we recommend buying a water resist watch. And fortunately, all original watches are waterproof to some extent.

3 ATM or 30 M would be suitable for everyday use and can resist rain and splash but not suitable for bathing, swimming etc..
5 ATM or 50 M would be suitable for swimming, fishing and the like.
10 ATM or 100 M would be suitable for extreme water sports.
20 ATM or 200 M would be suitable for professional marine activities.

However, if you want a diving watch you will need to choose diver’s 100 M and upwards.

Case and Band Material

Watch cases and bands are made of different materials. We suggest that you choose one which will go with your daily activities. For example a nylon watch band will tend to become dirty and used more rapidly if you work in a mine. In this situation a resin/rubber watch will be more suitable or stainless steel case with rubber band.

Popular watch case materials: stainless steel, resin, titanium, plastic
Popular watch band materials: stainless steel, resin, titanium, plastic, rubber, leather

Consider the type of strap before buying a watch

What Watch Should I Buy?

When you have already made your mind on all of the above, the brand is a secondary affair. There are numerous brands on the market  and original brand will offer you the best quality. The more expensive a watch is, the better will be the quality in terms of case, band and movement.

It should also be noted that not all famous watch brands manufacture their own movements and that’s why you see brands that manufacture their own movements, their watches tend to be more costly. Most brand uses japanese or swiss movements.

Finally, the design and color is up to you, different people have different tastes, and we have cover the most important aspects of a watch which you should really consider before buying a watch, especially expensive ones.


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